I Build Highly Profitable Ecommece Channels

From A to Z. I SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE. Each landing page, marketing strategy, market research, and SOP is designed to make profit. You win, I win.

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Blaupunkt (PT/ES)



Blaupunkt foundation dates back to 1924. With over 7500 employees around the world, I had the pleasure to refresh Blaupunkt’s brand identity accross the Iberian market.


I'm an ecommerce business developer who specializes in:
Ecommerce Development & Design​

Get a highly converting ecommerce platform.

Marketing & Sales

Tailored effective marketing startegies to boost your sales and brand awareness.

market Analysis, PL/DP Supply, SOPs

Understand the demand and competition of your market, spot opportunities to stand out from the crowd, get efficient processes and partner with competitive suppliers all accross the globe.

Ecommerce Development & Design
Get a highly converting ecommerce platform.
Marketing & Sales
Tailored effective marketing startegies to boost your sales and brand awareness.
Market Analysis And Supply & Optimized SOPs
Evaluate the accurate only dimension of your market, spot opportunities, get efficient process and supply for your business.
We help businesses grow sales and conversion rates with data-driven, user-centered design. Discover how we consistently turn browsers into buyers by requesting a fast quote today.

Who Is Ricardo Sousa?

Who Is Ricardo Sousa?

Coding from an early age, Ricardo Sousa combined his marketing background with a huge interest in sales and SOPs.

My goal is simple – Deliver high quality results to my clients. Whether you are a well established ecommerce brand and have a solid idea of what you need or are somewhat just surviving in a competitive niche and need help optimizing your business, we can make it happen.

I SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE. My ecommerce business analysis, SOPs, supplyment partnerships accross 4 continents and outside-the-box marketing and strategies is the result of several years of experience in demanding, fast-paced competitive environments, and each of my services is 100% tailored considering specific customer needs and goals.

There’s no one size fits all in ecommerce.

While I count with the help of 5 talented team members, namely web developers, web designer and graphic designer. All projects are planned by me and I’m hands on in the development process of web solutions. 

All services related to marketing, markets, sales, and SOPs are fully taken by me.

services offered

Our services are perfect for companies who are: looking to get more sales, optimize their processes, understand the accurate dimension of their online market and placement, excel in their marketing strategies, have a beautiful ecommerce channel developed, get supply for their products.

Website Design & Development

Cookie-cutter templated solutions oversaturate the digital marking space more today than ever before. That’s why we dare to be different. To spark emotion in the hearts of the people interacting with what we create. We experiment. We innovate. We continuously analyze and adjust. We create tightly engineered websites that make a lasting impression and get results.

Landing Page Design

My team and I embrace modern methodology to gather key information on user behavior to turn your landing page into a well-oiled revenue generator. Through our process of formulating hypotheses, testing, and meticulous analysis, we always develop our strategy with data.

Sales Funnel Strategy

We try to keep everything super-simple, especially when we’re developing tightly engineered sales funnels. Our innovative and unique process will ensure your sales funnel passionately communicates your message and launches in the most timely and cost-efficient manner humanly possible.

Email Marketing Strategy

Want your email marketing campaign to bring in results via conversions? Every detail must be crafted to perfection. Your target audience will respond to the right cues when they are structured properly. Don’t waste time and money on an email marketing campaign that is not behavioral-based.

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